Office Moving Leads help you spend less time prospecting and more time selling.  Our Office Relocation leads have helped companies for over 25 years sell, moving services, telephone systems, office furniture, IT services, Carpet, Contracting and much more.  Complete the form below to see how we can hel you sell more.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Using Wendover


1.       TARGETED: We have over 100 telemarketers making over 2 million phone calls per year into over 160 markets in the US, Canada and Europe.  They are calling the companies that you want to do business with.


2.       ACCURACY: Every lead that we provide has been confirmed not once but twice, no more than 5 days before you receive the list.  Our confirming calls last over 8 minutes, so we know they are moving!


3.       BIGGER IS BETTER: We guarantee that we have the highest average lead size.  We are finding the companies with the most employees making the biggest moves.


4.       VITAL INFO: We get the vital information you need, including email address, phone number, employee size, industry and even Phone System.  More importantly, we give you information about the decision-maker so you are able to close the deal.


5.       COMPETITION: Wendover has a Market Exclusivity Rule, which means we will only sell our leads to no more than 5 of your competitors in any one market.  You are not only limiting your competition, you are getting the opportunity to make them irrelevant.


6.       QUALITY: We do not put Retail, Restaurant, Gas Stations, Hair Salons, Funeral Parlors, Spa’s in our lists because they are not your prime target.   We are getting commercial offices for you to work with.


7.       FREE CONSULTING: We offer all of our customers a consultation that covers the best practices for working our leads.  We’ve compiled a list of the best practices and methods and we teach it to you.


8.       PREMIUM: Because we’re not the cheapest.  Sound funny?  We’re being serious.  If you want small deals get cheap leads.  If you want the biggest deals get the best leads.


9.       POTENTIAL: You have the possibility of increasing your sales by $50,000?  $100,000?  $500,000?


10.   EXPERTISE: Wendover created the model – over 23 years ago – for commercial relocation leads.  Not only were we the first on the scene, we still are – and have always been – the leader.


Make  sure your sales team has the best Office Relocation Leads.  

Wendover enters its 22nd year in the Sales Lead business.

March 2009 -- Wendover enters its 22nd year in the business of providing leads of companies that will be relocating, expanding and refurbishing their offices.  Wendover is a global company that phone verifies over 50,000 leads annually.

Network Equipment and Services Leads

Wendover has the worlds largest list of companies that are planning to change their network

This list has been telephone verified and confirmed.  Key IT and business contacts as well as company details allow your team to get the jump on your competition.  Call today for more details.  610-449-2056.

No matter what city you are in around the world...big or small...Wendover can help increase your business.

London, Dublin, Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles and Boise Idaho and over 100 other cities in between
are home to Wendovers clients that have closed over a billion dollars in new deals from our office moving leads.  Wendovers' Office Relocation Leads have helped connect more buyers and sellers over the last 20 years than any other company in the industry.  We have accomplished this one client at a time.  We have worked to undestand the needs of everyone from a British Removals Company to the needs of global clients like HP and everyone in between.  

We have done this one client at a time. 

We understand every market is different, every product and service is different and your specific needs are unique to your company.  Call now for a free consultation.
Wendovers' Office Relocation Leads can provide you with a list of up to 500 businesses that will be relocating or adding a location in your area.

Each of these companies will be spending $10,000 or more on each product or service to complete their relocation. It may cost more the $16,000 to generate less information in-house. Wendovers Office moving leads will provide you with a consistent flow of new high quality prospects that are forced to evaluate your product or service because of their up coming relocation. Time saved prospecting equals more time selling! Each on of our leads may represent a potential sale of $10,000, to $20,000 or more with a total potential of a 1.000,000 or more for each service.

Business Relocation Leads for The United Kingdom, Canada and the US. 

We are the growth experts in providing our customers with  the largest Office Relocation leads in the world.  Wendover has been providing office moving leads for over 20 years - longer than any other company in the world.  Wendover continues to be the industry leader in identification of business relocation leads around the world. 

We understand that all of our clients have specific needs. 

For over 20 years we have consulted with the largest companies like IBM to the smallest companies in 5 countries around the world.  No other company understands how to get the most from a set of office moving leads.  Please contact us for a free consultation or to request quote.
Call for a free consultation 610-449-2056

Types of Companies and Industries that would benefit from Wendovers' Office Relocation Leads:

Commerical Real Estate Broker
Security Companies
Computer Networking
Janitorial/Cleaning Services

General Contractors
Interior Designers
Office Furniture & Equipment
Carpeting & Floor Dealers

Commercial Movers
Telephone Equipment Companies
Cabling & Wiring Companies
Computer Networking/Management